About Us

Welcome to Aarya Bhavan Restaurant, an Indian restaurant located at Teaneck, NJ. We offer fine dining experience, that includes welcoming comfortable atmosphere in which you can enjoy our distinctly flavored Indian dishes made from the freshly chosen ingredients to tingle your taste buds. Our menu consists of various Vegetarian Indian dishes that truly reflect the culinary heritage of Indian spices and can be customized to your liking.

Owned and operated by the Johnson family, Aarya Bhavan Restaurant is known for its impeccable service. One of the only upscale Indian Vegetarian restaurants in New Jersey Aarya Bhavan Restaurant attracts a loyal following of discerning clientele. The cornerstone of our cuisine is traditional North and South Indian recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation and prepared and presented in such a tasteful way that each dish is utterly remarkable.

Aarya Bhavan Restaurant is best known for its daily lunch and dinner buffet, which features a revolving selection of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. The buffet menu changes daily so diners are always treated to new surprises with each visit. Aarya Bhavan Restaurant also offers party trays and packages perfect for corporate lunches, picnics, parties or at-home events.

Our décor is equally pleasing with a warm and inviting atmosphere accented with authentic Indian art. Aarya Bhavan Restaurant’s professional staff is both courteous and informed on all dishes of the Restaurant to help you make a truly inspired selection of cuisine. The Chef and Staff can also tailor dishes to your unique dietary needs such as an all Jain or Vegan meal.

Be prepared for a wonderful experience…We work hard so you don't have to!

About the Head Chef Mr.Johnson.

Aarya Bhavan Restaurant is owned and operated by Mr Johnson & Family. At the head of this the man whose hard work and vision has made Aarya Bhavan Restaurant what it is today: one of the premier Indian restaurants in New Jersey. Aarya Bhavan Restaurant is managed by Mr. Johnson,Reena John, Tas, Roy Mathew, Rossamma Kolath, and Moncy Joseph etc. who also serves as Head Chef.

Mr. Johnson knew from a very young age that his passion lay in the hospitality industry, specifically restaurants. “I always knew I would do this,” he says, “I love this business!”

He arrived in the United States in 1994 with little more than a suitcase. Soon he found a job working in a restaurant, and with single-minded determination, the young Mr. Johnson saved up his earnings to eventually buy his own place. During this time, he was also gathering and developing various recipes in hopes of fulfilling his dream. In a few years, He opened up the very first Aarya Bhavan Restaurant in Teaneck, NJ to rave reviews.

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