Welcome to Aarya Bhavan Restaurant

An Indian restaurant located at Teaneck, NJ.We offer fine dining experience, that includes welcoming comfortable atmosphere in which you can enjoy our distinctly flavored Indian dishes made from the freshly chosen ingredients to tingle your taste buds. Our menu consists of various Vegetarian Indian dishes that truly reflect the culinary heritage of Indian spices and can be customized to your liking.

Owned and operated by the Johnson family, Aarya Bhavan Restaurant is known for its impeccable service. One of the only upscale Indian Vegetarian restaurants in New Jersey Aarya Bhavan Restaurant attracts a loyal following of discerning clientele.

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For Order Contact: 201-692-0332, 201-692-0333

Welcome to Annapurna Indian Grocery.

Annapurna store was set up by entrepreneurs from India in 2003 to meet the demands of Indian groceries for families and students residing in the city of Teaneck. The store not only caters to Indians but is also frequented by customers from different ethnic communities to try indian cooking from scratch and Annapoorna provides a range of selections for the customers to choose from which includes wide varieties of rice, lentils, flour, pickles (different brands) and spices to name a few required for indian food cooking. The indian groceries in the store is provided by reputed manufactures, such as, Laxmi, MTR, Deep, Swad, Parampara and Haldirams.

Annapoorna also offers video rentals in different regional languages of India such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malyalam, and Kannada, apart from Hindi.

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